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Reviews for Sea Glass And Fireflies

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Sea Glass And Fireflies will pull you in from the first page and have you racing to the end to see what comes next. Sea Glass And Fireflies opens with Elsie Hayward grieving the loss of the man she is supposed to marry on her wedding day. He is lost at sea.

Elsie goes home to spend time at her uncle’s place and time with family and friends as she unravels what happened to her boyfriend. While she is home Elsie runs into an old friend from the past. A friend that she has not heard from in over a year. He stopped answering her letters.

Sea Glass And Fireflies shocked me with that big twist at the end. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. How awful some people can be. Things start to heat up a little between Elsie and her friend Charles. But the question is can they overcome the past to have a future?

If you like romantic stories set in the past, grab a copy of Sea Glass And Fireflies today!

    ~ Nancy Allen, The Avid reader

I love a happily-ever-after, and Sea Glass and Fireflies doesn’t disappoint. You’ll fall in love with Kate Ellington’s characters and cheerlead for them as the story progresses. She paints a realistic picture of early 20th century life for Elsie and Charles. An entertaining look at love, betrayal, and second chances.

~ Annalisa Russo

I am not usually drawn to historical fiction, but the cover and the blurb caught my eye. The premise and well written characters had me hooked from the first chapter.

Elsie and Charles are separated by distance; their communication dwindles, and she is promised to another. There is another story, secrets; once discovered, will they get a second chance?

~ Julie Booklover

This is one historical romance you won't soon forget, filled with great characters, loss, and hope. I love how all the characters, even minor ones, feel real. My heart broke for Elsie, knowing what happened to her fiancé, but I was glad she stuck to her plans to visit her uncle for a while to mend her heart. When Charles showed up, the tone shifted slightly, and made it even harder to set this down for even a little bit. Although they're a long way from being kids playing on the beach, and have lost touch, it's clear there's still a connection between Charles and Elsie after all these years. Ellington does a great job of putting you through a range of emotions as you read. If you enjoy emotional second chance historical romances, you're going to love this!


What a beautiful tale! Full disclosure, I don’t always love historical pieces. This one hooked me quickly and I loved it. There were thorough details and an engaging story line. I liked the characters and rooted for them. The author knows how to do it right! I don’t immediately root for characters, but these were built up in a way that I could sympathize with and enjoy their journey. Be sure to grab this book. You won’t regret it.


I really enjoyed how the setting took us back in time to the New Hampshire seacoast. As I read, I could picture the details of the house, shore and island.

The characters were developed so that the reader can identify with their feelings and emotional struggles.
I loved the way they worked through their emotions.

  ~ Pam

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