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An Excerpt From Sea Glass And Fireflies.

          The sky was softening to the faintest hint of dusk. She wished it was morning so they could begin their day together all over again. They continued down the trail and turned onto a narrow path that came out behind Max’s stables, then walked up the lawn to the front of the house. An unfamiliar motorcar was parked in the drive.

           “Who’s here, Mr. Anderson?” Elsie asked when he opened the front door.

           “An associate of Mr. Lambert’s.”

           Charles's fingers slipped out of hers as they stepped inside. Elsie removed her hat and dropped it on the table.

          “Let’s go see who it is,” she said to Charles, tugging on his jacket sleeve.

           From the dining room came the sound of laughter: two gravelly chortles and one tinkling, delicate giggle.

       Charles stopped in his tracks. Elsie looked up at him. The color had drained from his face. She opened her mouth to ask what was wrong, but Max called out: “Don’t hang about in the doorway, you two. Come see what the cat dragged in.

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